Mechanical Enginereering

Mechanical Engineering addresses the production and utilization of energy; and the design, maintenance, and operation of equipment and processes.

Traditionally, mechanical engineers have had a heavy involvement with the application of the laws of the basic sciences like physics, mathematics, and chemistry in the design, manufacture and operation of equipment and processes. In more recent times, they have had to integrate the theories and principles of other disciplines like physiology, psychology, and jurisprudence into their work.

New designs not only have to be functional, cost effective, and reasonably safe, but they need to fit their users, be environmentally sound, and comply with local and national laws.

Meridian Engineering & Technology Inc. provides consulting services in certain aspects of the traditional areas of mechanical design considerations, but we also focus on human factors, ergonomics, mechanical safety compliance, failsafe configurations, and liability issues related to equipment faults and failures. We have been involved in documenting equipment performance, performing mechanical safety and performance related tests, and responding to field component problems and failures.