Gary Hutter, Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. Gary Hutter is a Registered Professional Engineer and Certified Safety Professional. He has been awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Environmental and Occupational Health Studies.

For the past four decades he has been involved in research, analysis, and investigation in certain collateral areas of mechanical, environmental, and safety engineering. This has included active involvement in and membership on several professional committees directed at industrial health and safety issues. He has published both through these committees and independently on issues of industrial health and safety.

Dr. Hutter has been an invited speaker at several technical conferences and meetings to discuss his areas of technical interest and expertise. During the past decade, Dr. Hutter has been a contributor and/or coauthor on codes and standards addressing such issues as confined space, human factors, power presses and metal fabrication equipment, and construction equipment.

Over the course of his forty-year career, he has worked as a design and safety professional for such companies and organizations as the Ford Motor Company, the Euclid Division of the Clark Equipment Company, and the Environmental Protection Agency in the State of Illinois. In these and other positions, he was responsible for product and workplace safety; product design, accident reconstruction; testing and evaluation; and regulatory compliance. For the past thirty-five years he has worked as a senior consultant and has assisted and advised firms and individuals in these areas.

Currently, Dr. Hutter holds academic appointments at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and is a co-founder and officer of Meridian Engineering & Technology, a professional consulting engineering firm located in suburban Chicago. In his position with Meridian Engineering & Technology, he provides technical services to industry, insurance companies, the legal profession, and the community. Corporate capabilities include the areas of mechanical, safety, and environmental engineering and industrial hygiene.