Richard Gullickson

Richard Gullickson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. He has taken additional graduate level courses in Chemistry, and has also taken several courses in computer science. He was a Certified Industrial Hygienist, certified for the Comprehensive practice of industrial hygiene, from 1978 through 2002.

Mr. Gullickson has thirteen years of experience as an analytical chemist, with the Trane Company, a manufacturer of heating and air conditioning equipment, and with what was then known as International Minerals & Chemical Corporation, a chemical and fertilizer manufacturer.

He has worked as an industrial hygienist for more than twenty-five years. He is a member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, and has been a Certified Industrial Hygienist for twenty years. He has conducted industrial hygiene surveys and program audits in numerous plants throughout the United States, and in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Industries included fertilizer mining and manufacture; mercury cell chlor-alkali; formaldehyde production; explosives; ferroalloys; clays and other minerals; animal feed ingredients; chemical manufacture; medical devices; and animal pharmaceuticals.

He has conducted industrial hygiene sampling on chemicals or products including ammonia, chlorine, asbestos, explosives, fluorides, nitro-paraffins, mercury, clay and other minerals, ferroalloys, phosphate chemicals, ethylene oxide, and many other materials. He has written Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for more than 200 products.

From January 1991 through October 1997 Mr. Gullickson was a consultant with Triodyne Environmental Engineering. He served as an industrial hygiene consultant and expert witness in litigation cases. Issues included noise, chemical, and dust exposures; toxicology; labels and other warnings; and Material Safety Data Sheets. He prepared MSDSs for several corporations.

Mr. Gullickson is currently an independent consultant to Meridian Engineering & Technology in Glenview, Illinois. Meridian Engineering & Technology provides technical services to industry, lenders, insurance companies, the legal profession, and private individuals.

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